Nothing is more important than the wellbeing, happiness and safety of all our pupils. While teachers are responsible for their own classes, all our staff share in the pastoral care of children while they are at school, with the Headteacher taking overall responsibility.

Behaviour and discipline

We expect high standards of behaviour, respect and courtesy from all children and adults in our community, to create an environment in which all children can be happy and work effectively. 

We believe that good behaviour is based on self-esteem and mutual respect.

Incidents of name-calling, bullying, racism or aggression are dealt with firmly. If children are hurt, they are expected to seek help from a member of staff, not ‘hit back’.

We encourage children to resolve arguments by talking. Behaviour problems are dealt with by the class teacher, with the Deputy Head, Headteacher and parents getting involved if the problems continue or worsen.

We will tell you about any major incidents involving your child. 

If your child is worried about something, please let their class teacher know.

Child protection

Keeping every child safe and happy is one of the most important parts of our job, and we take welfare concerns very seriously. 

Like all schools in Hackney, we follow the local Child Protection Procedures. The Headteacher is our designated Child Protection Officer.

If you have worries about a child’s wellbeing, please speak to a class teacher, Headteacher or Deputy Head. 

We respect all personal and confidential information. However, if we have particular concerns about a child, we may be required to contact our Schools Attendance Officer or the Social Services Department.

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