The School Council is a forum where members can discuss the issues that are important to them and their fellow pupils.

The School Council has been successfully running for many years. It consists of one boy and one girl from each class from Years 2–6. All members get a badge and a cap, so they can be easily identified by the other children.

How the Council is elected

School Councillors are elected by their fellow pupils for one school year. The elections usually take place towards the end of summer term in the previous year.

There are three stages to the election process.

  • First, any child who is interested in becoming a council member must write a proposal highlighting the issues they would tackle if elected. These proposals are then read out during a junior assembly and displayed in the playground.
  • Second, all Key Stage 2 year-groups have a class vote for the children they want to represent their class. The six children with the most votes go on to the next stage.
  • The ballot boxes are put in the playground for one week, and all pupils can vote for their chosen candidate. The boy and girl from each year group with the most votes go on to represent their class as School Council members.

What the School Council does

The School Council meets every week to discuss issues and provide feedback on issues raised at the class council meeting. Once the Council has decided what to do, they give feedback to their class. This ensures two-way communication between pupils and the Senior Management Team.

Minutes of School Council meetings are shared with the rest of school community, so everyone knows what decisions have been taken.

Once a term, School Councillors can meet with our Governors to discuss any issues, including pupil wellbeing.

School Council members also play a part in staff recruitment by devising their own interview questions for prospective candidates to answer.

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